Top 10 Recyclable Coffee Capsule Questions: Everything You Need to Know!

When it comes to recyclable coffee capsules, there are many questions that can arise.

How recyclable are they really? How much cheaper is it? Can I use my Nespresso capsules with other machines?

Our team has collected 10 of the most frequently asked questions about recyclable coffee capsules and the answer to them here!

1. Are recyclable coffee capsules good?

There are many benefits to switching to recyclable coffee capsules! Some of the best are:

✔️ They are far more budget friendly - try our calculator and see how much you can save

✔️ You can enjoy the luxury of brewing your favorite beans in your own home

✔️ They are sustainable and help you save countless plastic and aluminum disposable capsules from ending up on landfills.

So those were some of the pros, but what about the cons?

Some DIY coffee capsules may require some work when it comes to brewing a perfect cup of coffee. At the same time, it takes an average of 15-20 seconds to fill and clean each capsule.

2. Do recyclable coffee capsules work in all machines?

Coffee capsules vary in size depending on the brand.

Therefore, choose the reusable coffee capsule that suits your specific machine.

At Copenhagen Brew we have reusable coffee capsules for Nespresso Origina l .

You can read more about which machines are compatible with the capsule.

3. How do recyclable coffee capsules work?

Each brand of recyclable coffee capsules varies a bit, but the concept is essentially the same. To use the capsule:

  1. Fill the capsule with your favorite coffee (wherever it is Fair Trade coffee , organic or decaf)
  2. Put the lid on top of the capsule (most people use either a stainless steel, aluminum or silicone lid)
  3. Insert the capsule into the machine as usual and brew an espresso shot
  4. Rinse, repeat and enjoy!

You can read our extended guide here and see how easy it is!

4. How many times can you use recyclable coffee capsules?

The lifespan of a recyclable coffee capsule depends on the brand you choose.

Any high-quality stainless steel capsule should technically keep up with generational change and minimize your environmental footprint while minimizing the imprint in your wallet.

The recyclable coffee capsule from Copenhagen Brew can follow you for life.

5. Are all recyclable coffee capsules the same?

Not all coffee capsules are created equal - each reusable coffee capsule performs differently.

For example, the design of some recyclable coffee capsules with steel lids can prevent the machine from building up a large enough pressure inside the capsule.

This may result in a watered cup of coffee.

Where others (such as our recyclable coffee capsule for Nespresso ) can brew a nice full-bodied and fantastic crema - this is definitely the best choice for a quality-conscious coffee maker!

Choosing the right coffee capsule for you depends on what your primary priority is:

  • Sustainability and environmental footprint
  • Quality coffee / cream and intensity
  • Time efficiency and convenience

6. Which is the best recyclable coffee capsule?

We know that each person is different, so we are working on developing new high-quality coffee capsules for our range.

When evaluating coffee capsule brands, we always recommend reading the reviews first so you are sure that the brand you are buying from has a sincere passion for the planet. Otherwise, you risk that all your work will not end up in anything if you the capsule you choose collects dust in the drawer or breaks after use.

7.How much money can you save with recyclable coffee capsules?

Disposable capsules cost more to brew than the go'e old coffee bean

When it comes to price-per-cup, you pay on average much less per kilo if you use a recyclable coffee capsule.

By simply using a recyclable coffee capsule, the average household can save over DKK 3,000 a year.

So it's quite economical to drink delicious coffee!

You can use our calculator and see how much you and your family can save.

8. How many disposable capsules avoid landing in landfills?

Drinking just one cup of coffee a day can save 365 disposable capsules from landing at landfills, of which only 73 capsules will be recycled on average. At the same time, you save over 15 kilos of greenhouse gases from ending up in our atmosphere.

Calculate how much capsule waste you want to save by switching to recyclable coffee capsules here .

9. Can recyclable coffee capsules be filled with any kind of coffee?

Disposable capsules may contain added flavor enhancers or concentrates to give the illusion of a "stronger" espresso.

Really fresh coffee is bursting with rich fruity flavors, complex spice notes and sweet aromas.

When you drop the disposable capsules in favor of recyclable coffee capsules, we suggest that you invest in good quality freshly ground and freshly ground coffee.

The taste of your latte, americano or cappuccino is only as good as the coffee you put in your capsule!

There are a few important things to consider when choosing coffee for your recyclable coffee capsule such as choosing the right degree of paint and choosing a nice rich, dark grate or Italian-style grate.

These little considerations will allow you to get the perfect amount of flavor from your coffee and achieve optimal results with your capsule machine.

We can highly recommend our own Danish-roasted Fair Trade coffee beans , which have been specially developed for the recyclable coffee capsule. They are aromatic, full-bodied and rich in flavor! We can also paint them for you so it is as fresh as it can possibly be! Directly from the roastery, right to you! We like that!

10. How can I become part of the recyclable coffee capsule revolution?

It's time to embrace conscious consumption - satisfying your caffeine cravings and promoting minimal waste is what we do best!

At Copenhagen Brew, we believe that the best form of recycling is the one you actually use.

And while sustainable delivery and manufacturing are essential, quality and enjoyment also play a large role in adopting new habits and consumption patterns.

Talking about sustainability is not enough - action is the only way we make a difference!


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