Recipe: Espresso Martini

Coffee can be used in many different ways - Both hot and cold. However, coffee is also used in many other things, such as cocktails. One of the classics here is Espresso Martinien. It is a cocktail that many coffee lovers like and I am therefore sure that it will also fall in your taste. If you want to taste it yourself, just follow the recipe below.

Time: 2 minutes


  • Ice cubes
  • 50 ml vodka
  • 35 ml coffee liqueur
  • 1 espresso shot


  1. Fill your martini glass with ice so it can cool while you make the cocktail.
  2. Pour vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and ice cubes into a shaker.
  3. Shake for 15 seconds
  4. Remove the ice from the Martini glass and pour your cocktail through a sieve and into the glass.
  5. Top off the cocktail with the foam from the shaker as well as 3 coffee beans and a sprinkle of coffee.

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