Why choose a recyclable coffee capsule?

Nespresso® coffee machines are popular for a good reason: you can brew high-quality coffee in no time - in the familiar and cozy setting of your own home.

There is no doubt that the coffee capsule is a concept that has come to stay.

But unfortunately, the capsules produce tons of waste every single day.

In fact, 20 billion capsules are produced worldwide, and manufacturers are doing a great deal to recycle as much as possible.

Despite great efforts and a growing movement to recycle (yay!), 15 of the 20 billion capsules are unfortunately still smoked in large landfills, where they are never recycled.

So, only 25% of all coffee capsules are recycled.

But what can you do as a coffee lover to be more sustainable with your coffee capsule machine?

Reusable coffee capsules.

But switching from disposable capsules to reusable coffee capsules can seem daunting at first, right?

But it does not have to be!

Here are 4 good reasons to choose a recyclable coffee capsule and brew more sustainable (and delicious) coffee!

1. Take care of the environment - also with your coffee

A coffee cup produces only 0.02 kg of waste.

But a coffee capsule produces about 0.25 kg of waste - that is 12.50 times more than a cup of coffee!

This is equivalent to if all Danes drink one cup of coffee a day from a coffee machine with disposable capsules, then we will save approx. 70,000 tonnes of landfill annually.

In addition, there is also a CO2 saving - think i.a. on all the billions of coffee capsules that have to be transported around the world to get into your coffee machine.

2. Better taste with freshly roasted coffee

Once the coffee beans are ground, they begin to oxidize and thus lose flavor.

This means that when the coffee is ready in the capsule, it has already lost much of its full aroma and taste.

A recyclable coffee capsule solves this problem by allowing you to grind your coffee beans yourself just before use - that way you always get a cup of freshly roasted coffee!

3. Save money on your coffee consumption

Nespresso capsules typically cost around DKK 3-5 per piece.

It may not sound like much, but the quick calculation shows that it costs you approx. 500 kroner to drink three cups of coffee a day from a disposable capsule machine in a month.

If you switch to recyclable capsules, you can actually save up to 80% on your consumption - and instead spend that money on other goodies! ;)

Psst .. Hos os

4. Become a home barista!

When using recyclable capsules, you can experiment with coffee beans from different countries and regions, make your very own blend and find just your favorite.

In addition, you can adjust the amount of coffee per. cup depending on whether it is a great morning coffee, a quick coffee on the go or a coffee for dessert.

That way you become your very own home barista - and get the best (and cheaper) coffee!

Do you have questions about how recyclable coffee capsules work? Read the 10 most frequently asked questions here.

With recyclable coffee capsules made of stainless steel, you can save the environment, save money and use freshly roasted coffee!

The capsules are a win-win for everyone - so why not give them a try?

You can see our entire selection of quality coffee right here.

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